Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's a Tea Party

After my glam last post about Manhattan's Upper East Side, you will get to see some pictures of an even more glamorous restaurant today - welcome to the Russian Tea Room!
Since I came to New York City in 2010 I always wanted to dine at this place to experience the old Russian glamour. Two years later, one night before I left the United States in December 2012, my boyfriend took me to the Tea Room. Now that I'm back in NYC I finally found some time to share the photos with you and I think this is the first time I dedicated a post solely to a restaurant.
So how is it, dining at the famous Russian Tea Room? Well, I can tell you, you automatically feel like you ascend to the upper class when entering this restaurant! Just by looking around I could tell that 90% of the people sitting in this restaurant belonged to the wealthiest members of society. I came there because I am so much into Russia and it's charm, I felt obliged to visit the Tea Room. After enjoying some tiny pelmeni with truffles and a fabulous duck breast, I had the pleasure to taste the homemade pistachio ice cream - a dream for my belly! I am a big food lover so I can definitely recommend this place, make sure to visit it when you're in NYC - a fantastic menu paired with elegant and enchanting d├ęcor, plus beyond polite waiters who treat you like the Queen? Na sdarowje!

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