Monday, October 28, 2013

It's all about the Inspiration

Days like this rainy one are absolutely perfect for staying home and doing nothing but cuddling on the couch in PJs, either with a boyfriend... or your laptop. I just got home, out of an enormous storm. I got pretty much surprised on my way to the airport, wanted to bring my Spanish visitor to Hamburg, an incredibly turbulent attempt. However, I made it home safely and finally found some time to relax and blog again.
Today you get to see some pics of my personal "inspiration collection", my art book. I have collected a few items here and there over a quite long period of time and eventually put them together in an album. I love creating all kinds of things, such as moodboards, scrapbooks or paintings. So I collected all these stickers, inspiring fashion magazines and postcards to make a whole new thing of it, including a few pages especially dedicated to my hometown New York City. There are many more pages in this book but I just picked the most outstanding ones to show you what kind of stuff I'm working on when I want to relax, try it!
Have a look, maybe you will get inspired!

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