Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mallorca Graffiti Mania

Hola mis amigos! I hope you're not having a terrible snowy Sunday, since I got back to Mallorca I sometimes forget that it's still winter in the rest of the world.
I'm relaxing on my favorite island for almost a week now and believe me, there's no better rehab from university exams than traveling to sunny countries - especially to that Balearic island called Mallorca!
I have had quite a few amazing days so far, went on a graffiti photo-tour by myself, I explored the beautiful city of Valldemossa with some friends on Valentine's Day and even went to the beach yesterday, yes, in a bikini! Mallorca is spoiling me with incredible summer weather - I mean, I deserve it, I passed all my first exams with decent grades. Woohoo, the first semester is over and you will get to see many more vacation pictures... I haven't booked a flight back yet, so stay tuned! ;-)

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