Monday, February 3, 2014

New York's Style Society Guy

Hello my friends, hope your week is going great so far! Mine surely is, I'm writing my last exam tomorrow, woohoo, first semester successfully completed!
I'm heading back to my beloved island Mallorca on Monday so you will get to see only a few more posts about my New Yorker life until I come up with some marvelous Spanish posts. But don't worry, I still got loads of New Yorker pics left to show you some day.
Anyway, today's post is a very special one (well, which one is not?), because it's about a special meeting with one of my favorite bloggers - allow me to introduce New York's Style Society Guy!
My friend Yasemin and I met up with Jamal last year during my "I need to go back to New York City-trip", so these photos were taken a while ago. We spent some time chatting and taking pics on the Lower East Side before heading to Williamsburg in Brooklyn where he showed us some fabulous stores for vintage shopping (make sure to check out my next post!). Jamal is an aspiring fashion blogger and stylist who has worked for the most renowned companies such as Louis Vuitton and Topshop. His blog is a fabulous mixture of sophisticated fashion photography, classy high fashion items, and marvelous outfits from preppy to street style - make sure to check it out on!

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