Monday, September 8, 2014

Evening at the Harbor

Hey my lovely readers, how are you all doing?
I can't believe it's my last week in NYC already, time flies! There's been so much going on the last couple days that I didn't have time to sit down, relax and work on my blog. New York is keeping me busy as always! So today's post will be a short one since we are heading out to the city tonight again.
In this post you get to see some last pics of my vaca on Mallorca. I spent five such amazing weeks on my favorite island, I couldn't resist booking another flight. So after NYC I'll head back there for 9 more days before eventually going back to school.
These photos were taken at the beautiful harbor of Port d'Alc├║dia where I always live when I'm on Mallorca. It's such a relaxing place that slowly became my second home (or after NYC and Germany the third one). I picked a casual outfit to go for ice cream with my friend Eva and my sister Nina - a striped crop top, my beloved leather shorts, comfy sandals and a statement necklace. Hope you like the photos! xo

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