Saturday, September 13, 2014

Let's get lost in Paradise

Hey guys, I can't believe my New Yorker vacation is already over! I feel like I just got here, even though it's been 17 days! So tonight it's going back to Germany before flying to Mallorca on Wednesday. Since I'm going back there soon, I'm gonna keep posting about Mallorca and then about New York, not to get you confused ;-)
New York has been amazing as always, we met up with all our friends and my American family, went to museums, did loads of sightseeing with my friend who's never been to NYC, went out to party with celebs and so on! It's been an incredible 17 days but you know what? I can't wait to go home!
Honestly, Mallorca is so relaxing, I feel like I need another vaca after my NYC trip, haha. So before heading back to Germany for good at the end of September to start studying again, I decided to head back to my beloved Balearic island for 9 more days.
Today's post is a very special one about one of my new favorite places on the island. My boyfriend and I always go on some great adventures together, so one day he took me out for a two-day boat trip. And let me tell you, it was unforgettable!
We went to Ferrutx, a hidden spot you can only reach by boat or walking so there are basically no tourists. We took my boyfriend's boat out and had such a blast! The place we went to is simply magical, there's a tiny beach there that I thought looks kinda tropical, plus the water over there is sheer incredible. It's so clear and turquoise, this is paradise for me! So we went snorkeling, had a romantic dinner on the boat and even got surprised by a stunning sunset! After a freezing but adventurous night on the boat we got up around 6am to go paddle surfing, that was my first time and I absolutely loved it!!! The water was like a mirror, everything was calm and so peaceful, it was a fantastic experience. I'm such a lucky girl to have this wonderful man by my side who takes me on all these adventures ;-) Enjoy the photos!

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