Monday, September 1, 2014

When the Sun goes down

Hey fellas, how are you all doing? I finally found some time to come up with a new post. My life has been crazy the last few days. I got back to Germany last Monday after five weeks in paradise - Mallorca. It was freezing in Germany so I was super happy when my girls and I took a flight to New York City on Wednesday. Since them I'm back home in the States, and believe me... it feels amazing to be back! We had some eventful first days - we checked out Central Park, explored Long Island a little and went clubbing of course! On Saturday we met Leonardo DiCaprio!!! I just love NYC, this is the second time already that I'm partying with him. I was super happy for one of my friends cause it's her first time in NYC and she was super excited when she spotted Leo at our table at Marquee.
So what happens with my blog? So far I still got some Mallorca posts left that I prepared before heading to NYC. So the next couple days you will still get to see some summer photos of my long vacation. After that you'll definitely get to check out New Yorker pics!
Feel free to follow me on Facebook (here) or Instagram (here) to stay tuned, I'm posting more recent photos there.
For now enjoy these photos of a beautiful sunset by the sea - I'm absolutely in love with Mallorca's stunning nature! By the way, the two ladies you see smiling with me in one of the photos are my marvelous sisters ;-)
Hope you're all having a fantastic September! xo


  1. lovely Mallorca. But now it's almost fall-time.
    What's your must have this season?

    best regards, Jana

  2. Wow, New York! So exciting, looks like you've had a lot of fun! :)

  3. These photos are amazing! I love them all. I can tell how much you enjoyed your vacation. :)


  4. you look amazing and love your pics
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  5. Qué maravilla de fotos!!
    Un beso, Laura

  6. wow what a beautiful pictures dear :D


  7. Hello,

    Niiiice ! :D


  8. So good!
    I wish you an amazing weekend baby!

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  9. Nice photos, the first one has someting magical!
    Hope you had fun :)

    See you xx

  10. such a nice pictures
    new post:


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