Thursday, January 8, 2015

German Coziness

Hey guys, this is the first post of 2015, woohoo!
Did you all have a fantastic New Year's Eve? I celebrated with some friends, having a relaxing dinner plus some champagne and fireworks ;-) My boyfriend also came over to spend the first week of 2015 with me. We had such a lovely time together, since he's from Spain everything German is always very special for him - the houses, the food, the landscapes - he loves the German coziness, haha!
So let's kick off the new year with an outfit post I promised to post some more fashion photos while I'm stuck in Germany so today you get to see another look, this time a pretty casual and cozy one. I combined my soft Forever21 sweater with a plaid blouse and leather shorts to give it a "not so preppy" touch. Plus, I put on the bold golden necklace, that you've already seen in my last outfit post, and some golden rings from H&M to add a little coolness. By the way, the ankle boots I'm wearing are my new favorite pair of shoes! They're also from H&M and super comfy, you can wear them with any casual or chic outfit.
Hope you like the pics, have a great Thursday, everyone! Kisses from Germany

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