Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last day of the Year

Hey guys, either you're already living in 2015 (sending love to my Australian friends) or your party preparations are in full swing now. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to write a new post and look for "review 2014" photos since I have been studying a lot the last couple days.
Looking back at 2014, my year has been pretty amazing and quite turbulent. I traveled as much as always (Mallorca, Barcelona and New York), I studied hard and spent a lot of time with my boyfriend, family and friends as usual. The New York trip or my summer in Spain, as well as my day in Tomorrowland were definitely some highlights this year.
How about resolutions... I had quite a few last year and don't think I really stuck to them so I might just start 2015 without any resolutions and hope that destiny plays in my favor as it always did, haha ;-)

Anyway, I wish you all a marvelous start of 2015! May all your resolutions come true! May you all be blessed with health, love, happiness and success and don't forget... Life should be your favorite adventure ;-)

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