Saturday, June 13, 2015

The secret Beach

Hello there, everyone! Let's kick off the weekend with some energy and a new post about a secret spot I wanted to show you!
My boyfriend took me to this amazing hidden beach on Mallorca, it's actually in a military zone so there's no access for tourists. Thanks to my boyfriend's connections to the military we were allowed to spend an entire day at the beautiful beaches of Cap des Pinar. We had the whole military zone (which is HUGE) just for ourselves, visited a lighthouse, the military facilities and calas (coves) which were beyond beautiful. Since there are neither tourists nor boats allowed, it's an untouched little paradise with crystal clear water and just the calm nature. The prohibited area is in the mountains and right by the sea, there are forests, camps and coves. The military zone is very well preserved by the staff, they take care of the beaches and have pretty houses there that they live in.
I'm so glad we got the chance to spend a day there, I have never been to a beach so calm and untouched (except for the Cuban beaches). I actually felt like we were back on Cuba, just the two of us with no one around, just nature and the ocean. Thank you, my love, for taking me to this secret spot!
By the way, this is my last Mallorca post for now. As I've mentioned before, I'm currently studying in Germany. Exams are close, so I unfortunately can't escape to Mallorca. However, I'm heading back to my favorite island in July, until then I'll come up with some other posts, so stay tuned ;-)

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