Friday, June 26, 2015

Sunny Greetings from Lübeck

My dear readers, I'm sure you're all ready for summer by now... just like me! Can't wait to escape to Mallorca in less than three weeks, the German summer weather is surely not the best. It's been grey and raining for days, which is actually not bothering me too much because I'm studying at home all day. It's surprisingly cold, you see loads of people still wearing winter jackets and scarfs, haha! You can't imagine how much I envy all the people I follow on Instagram that are chilling on Mallorca or traveling to other beautiful destinations, while I'm studying and waiting for my exams. However, only a few weeks to go and I'll be back on my beloved island!
Today you get to see some pics of my trip to Lübeck with my family I told you about in a different post. My mom and younger sister came to visit me and my older sis in Kiel, where we study. So one day we decided to check out Lübeck, a pretty city not far from Kiel, and spent a wonderful day there having lunch, exploring the town, visiting the famous marzipan store of Niederegger Lübeck, and doing some shopping.
So here's a collection of some Lübeck impressions, hope you like it ;-)

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