Sunday, October 25, 2015

Menorca's Nature

Hey there, so here comes part two of our trip to Menorca! After exploring some cities the first day we decided to look for some beaches on our second day. Unfortunately it was a little grey and cloudy so we couldn't stay at the beach all day. However, we visited the Faro de Cavalleria, a beautiful lighthouse on Menorca's coast, and even found an awesome cove around there. There's a tunnel right next to the lighthouse that leads you trough the rocks until the end from where you have an amazing view over the ocean. People afraid of darkness or heights shouldn't take this path though, it's pretty scary but really adventurous!

After that we went to the Platja de Cavalleria, a wonderful beach I have seen on Dulceida's blog before, one of my favorite Spanish bloggers. Over there we got a little dirty and muddy, I felt like a wild child using the red soil at the beach as body lotion, my boyfriend and I had so much fun! You shouldn't wear a white bikini though if you wanna try it ;-)

After spending a couple of hours at the beach our friend took us to Fornells, a very pretty town by the sea with lots of caf├ęs and cute shops. We actually wanted to go sailing there but it was way too windy, bad luck.

At night we went to Pont d'en Gil, a natural bridge 'hanging' in the ocean near Ciutadella, to watch the sunset. Our trip couldn't have ended better!

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