Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Camp de Mar

Hello there, I'm sorry for still attacking you with summer pics but I took so many photos during my Mallorca vaca the past few months that I still have a lot of blog material left. I just got back from my weekend trip to London, my sister and I had such a great time exploring the beautiful capital of the UK! You will surely get to see lots of pics, so stay tuned.
Today I'll take you to Camp de Mar, a place I always wanted to see thanks to the wonderful Spanish blogger Marina Arenas (click here to see her blog). She's from Mallorca and always posts beautiful pics of the island, including a couple of photos of Camp de Mar. So I just had to see it, you know I'm always on the go exploring new places.
I was not disappointed, Camp de Mar is a lovely though very touristy town about half an hour away from Palma. There's a pretty beach in front of the big hotels and also a cute restaurant on a tiny island that's definitely worth a visit! I'd try to avoid visiting Camp de Mar during the summer months though unless you're staying in one of the hotels, it's just too crowded.
So my boyfriend, my sister and I spent a very relaxed, quiet afternoon in Camp de Mar, went for a walk to explore the area, had some ice cream and went swimming. We had bad luck with the weather though, normally the water is crystal clear but we went on a windy day so the water wasn't as nice as usual.
Anyway, I hope you like the photos ;-)

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