Friday, November 27, 2015

The dreamy village of Deià

Hey there, today I'm taking you to one of Mallorca's most magical places - the dreamy village of Deià. Many people recommended me this pretty town in the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca's mountain range, so I just had to go see it. My friend Kim and I went on a day trip to Deià. We explored the village, had some yummy churros with hot chocolate at the restaurant Las Palmeras and also went to Cala Deià, a beautiful bay hidden in the mountains. Since we went early in the morning it was still pretty chilly but as soon as the sun came out Deià was just magical. I guess that's what people have in mind when they hear 'romantic Spanish mountain village'. Fresh fruit that's sold on the street, charming cafés, artists' studios, magical gardens and much more, that's what makes Deià such a special place. Enjoy the pics ;-)

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