Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Where did Summer go so fast?

Hey everyone, today you get to see some outfit pics that a friend (check out his website here) took of me when we went for a walk in Puerto de Alc├║dia on Mallorca, where my boyfriend lives. Can you believe these photos were taken just two weeks ago? Time flies, I can't believe it's winter yet, where did summer go so fast? And fall, I didn't even really enjoy the fall season. It's Mallorca's fault, whenever I go visit my boyfriend in Spain I feel like summer never ends. The weather on this island is always great, of course they have a few rainy days, but mostly it's just sunny and warm. So when I got back to Germany last week I was freezing! Winter is in full swing, Christmas is just around the corner and I still don't wanna wear my winter coat, haha. So you unfortunately won't get to see a winter outfit today but a 'Mallorca in November' look. Since I love it simple I just paired some comfy leggings with a floral H&M top and my favorite parka, also by H&M just like the boots. I bought the purse at Forever21 in London and simply love it, it has just the perfect size. Hope you like the outfit ;-)

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