Friday, November 6, 2015

What to see in London

Hello there, everyone! Today I'm taking you with me to London again, let me show you what we did on our second day. After a very exciting first day in Notting Hill and the center of London we decided to do some sightseeing the next day. So we took the tube from my friend's house and started at St. Paul's Cathedral. I can't tell you how happy I was that the sun was shining all day - our sightseeing tour couldn't have been more perfect.

On the other side of the Thames we stopped by Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and later took a walk to Borough Market, a foodie's paradise! They have ALL kinds of food, seriously anything you can imagine from Thai kitchen to gingerbread men to fresh fish, fruits and bread. We tried an omelette that came with three different kinds of salad, very yummy. I'd say Borough Market is a must when you're visiting London, it's pretty crowded but one of the city's most exciting places. Plus, there's a cute restaurant around the corner where they hung up a bunch of colorful umbrellas, perfect for art lovers like me!

From Borough Market you can take a walk down to the famous Tower Bridge on the other side of the river. Once we got there, we had a little break at the Tower of  London and also walked up and down the bridge because the views of the London skyline are just great from there!

Of course we had to greet the Queen so we went to Buckingham Palace, where we didn't stay too long because there was still so much to see that day. So we headed to Big Ben from there and also visited Westminster Abbey. From the Houses of Parliament you also have a great view of the London Eye. We decided to not take a ride that day because it got a little cloudy and it takes about an hour but we still wanted to do some more sightseeing.

We decided to check out Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus before heading home that day. Once there we stopped by the huge M&M store and even met Sienna Miller at a movie premiere! Just so you know, she's even more beautiful in real. We are so lucky, always meeting celebrities wherever we go, just like in NYC. We also went to see Piccadilly Circus because my sister has never been there before. From there we walked down Regent Street which was just magical that night with the warm weather and all the beautiful lights on.

How could we not stop by Victoria's Secret on Bond Street - our personal lingerie heaven! How much I miss this store when I'm in Germany or Spain, just walking through it makes me feel like I'm back in New York. The Victoria's Secret on London is surely a beautiful store, very chic and sexy. What I especially love about it is that they have a private section, where you can book a fitting room just for yourself and a personal shopper that helps you pick the prettiest lingerie.

Last but not least we stopped at a really cool gallery back on Regent Street, unfortunately I forgot its' name. What I loved most about it where these cool shopping bags they had filled with cans and put into another crystal bag. We could also admire some Warhol pieces and cool sculptures like this golden skull you see here. This is where another perfect day in London ended...

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