Monday, December 21, 2015

It's never too late for Christmas Pics

Hey there, I know I'm late with the Christmas inspiration. Between some sunshine on Mallorca, stuyding and work I somehow forgot all about this season! Until I went to the Christmas market in L├╝beck last week, which is surely one of Germany's most beautiful ones. It's not even really cold this year. We didn't have snow yet so I kinda feel like I'm just skipping winter this year, also because I'm heading back to Mallorca at the end of December and it's surely not the perfect winter spot. I love this season of the year but you know, it's not the same if you live in your own apartment far away from your family. They always have such great decorations and make cookies and hot wine, haha. So as every year I'm going home for Christmas to celebrate with my family before spending New Year's Eve with my boyfriend in Spain.

To get in the mood I spent hours online searching for Christmas pics and winter inspiration. Here's a collection of what I found on Google and Tumblr, hope you like it!
By the way, I'm not gonna take my laptop to my parents house or to  Mallorca. I'm sure you understand I wanna spend some quality time with my family and boyfriend. So I guess you're not gonna hear from me until next year. To stay tuned you can follow me on Instagram. However, I wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your family and a marvelous start into the new year! xo

All pics via Tumblr and Google

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