Friday, May 6, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - The wild Beach

Hello there, my lovely readers! Are you all excited about the weekend? I surely am because I'm gonna organize some last things before leaving for Mallorca on Tuesday. The weather in Germany is actually pretty nice these day but I can't wait to head back to my favorite island and see my boyfriend!
So today you get to see some more pics of our stay in Santa Teresa, it's gonna get beachy! While I was in Costa Rica I chatted with a girl on Instagram and asked her what we could do in Santa Teresa. She told me to go for a walk at the beach, a looong walk, to find some lagoon. To be honest I didn't really understand what she meant by lagoon but took her advice. So Miguel and I went for a long beach walk on our last day in Santa Teresa. After a while we could totally notice how the beach got rocky and wilder. There were more trees, the waves got bigger and the people disappeared, awesome! We had the beach for ourselves, just how we like it. We found a really cool swing in a tree and also some comfy hammocks along the way where we stayed a few relaxing minutes. After walking for like half an hour more in the heat we finally reached what that girl called the lagoon. It was actually a part of the beach covered with rocks. Between the rocks there were some natural pools where you could take a quiet bath next to the wild waves. I absolutely loved this place! Nature in all its beauty. Not only did we have the huge beach just for ourselves (on the pics you can see that it was totally abandoned), the water was also warm like in a bath tub, and the contrast between the wild sea and the relaxing pools was kinda magical. We also spotted a super cute and beautiful pufferfish with white and blue dots and some crabs. And of course, after relaxing a few hours at the beach and at home, we had to get back at night to watch the beautiful sunset one more time. Hope the pics make you dream a little, xo

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