Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - Surfers Paradise

Good morning, y'all! Today you get to see some more colorful pics of our Costa Rica trip. After spending two nights and an entire day in Montezuma we went up the Pacific Coast to check out Santa Teresa, an amazingly laid-back hipster/surfer spot. I felt comfortable there right away. The people living in Santa Teresa are simply cool, stylish and relaxed, you can tell they really live the motto 'pura vida'. My boyfriend and I arrived early in the morning and it took us a while to find some good and cheap spot for the night. After more than an hour Miguel found Casa Eddy, where we had an entire apartment just for ourselves. It was the first time that we had a private kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom so it was just the perfect spot for us. Eventually we stayed three nights because we were so comfortable there. Santa Teresa was actually the most relaxing part of our entire trip.
So let's start this post with one of the prettiest cafés I've ever been to, Zwart Art Café. It's such a unique place with its own art gallery and super healthy, tasty food. We went there around noon and I had a 'Zwart Jar' which is coconut cream layered with tropical fruit and Chia passion fruit cream topped with toasted almonds and coconut flakes, yummyyyy! I love these kind of places, they remind me a lot of the hipster bars in Brooklyn. The café's gallery is just amazing, so many bigger and smaller paintings in joyful colors, each carrying a beautiful message. I could have bought every single piece! At Zwart Art Café you can enjoy some yummy and healthy food, read a good book or simply admire the paintings. Feel free to check out their Facebook page here  for more infos.

That day we also went to the beach. It was crazy hot so we went earlier in the morning. We didn't stay too long because of the heat and you can't really swim to cool down because most of the time the waves are too strong. However, we had a great time at the Playa Santa Teresa. We had some pineapple, I read a magazine while my boyfriend was sleeping and of course he had to take some photos of me too, haha. Here I wanna thank Triangl swimwear for this beautiful bikini they sent me. I chose the Farrah model and absolutely love it! First I thought the neoprene might be uncomfortable but it fits perfectly and is way more comfy than I thought.

The village of Santa Teresa is surely one of the most laid-back places I've ever seen. The little surf town has its very own charme with its surfboards, creative kitchens and beach babes in bikinis. The sea is alive, the long coastline is wild and during the day almost abandoned, there are loads of stylish boutiques and cafés, people riding bikes or ATVs with their surfboards under their arms and the main road is dusty and bumpy. It's easy to sink into the easy-going rhythms of pura vida here - perfect beaches, perfect food, perfect sunsets, what more can you ask for?

So this was our home for three days, Casa Eddy. As I said, we were very lucky to have found this romantic place. We had an entire apartment with a kitchen and two bedrooms just for ourselves. Everything was made of wood so it looked like a jungle cabin and we loved waking up with the noises of birds and monkeys.

I'm ending this post with some pics of Santa Teresa's famous sunsets. My boyfriend and I loved spending the last hour of the day at the beach, watching the surfers hit the waves, chatting with people and simply admiring the beautiful colors of the sky. I even did some yoga, it was just a perfect spot for some meditation. It kinda became a routine for us spending our evenings at the beach watching the sunset. Everyone came together there at night to surf, play, chat, take a walk or just enjoy the pure life. I wish we could all live like that!

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