Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Cave

Hey there adventurers and explorers, today's post is for you! A couple of weeks ago our friends from Germany visited us on Mallorca and since they are always looking for some kind of adventure my boyfriend and I just had to take them to a hidden cave in the mountains. It was my second time exploring the Cova Tancada, last year I went with my boyfriend and my sister and really loved it.
We started in the morning when everything was calm and just beautiful. The hiking route to the cave takes about an hour and a half and it goes up and down through the mountains all the time so you better bring comfy shoes, food and lots of energy. It's a challenging hiking route with amazing views of the mountains and the sea. Once in the cave you need lights because the Cova Tancada is not a tourist spot which I love but there are no lights installed. The cave is dark, I mean really dark, you can't see anything which is kinda creepy and makes you feel like you're part of some horror movie. There is no way to find your way out without any lights plus the air also gets really hot and thin inside so you better bring some courage too, haha. The cave is huuuge, we spent about two hours in there exploring every little corner. Our friends totally loved it and so did we! I always feel safe with them because they are more experienced in hiking and exploring caves than my boyfriend and I (and they are way better equipped, haha). After leaving the Cova Tancada we rested for a while and enjoyed a picnic with an awesome sea view just in front of the cave. And it didn't stop there, we went for another hike through the mountains to a bay called Coll Baix. I have been there a couple of times, it's a tranquil and beautiful spot. After another break by the water we finally went back home, I think we walked about seven hours in total. I can't tell you how proud I was! Hope you like the photos, some of them were taken by my friends. However, they don't even live up to the amazing views and unforgettable moments of our hiking tour.

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