Monday, October 1, 2018

Bikini Island and Mountain Hotels Opening

Hey guys, where shall I start? You haven't heard of me in three months! Yup, three entire months without posting anything, I can't believe it myself. I'm so sorry for abandoning you these last few months. In March I started a new job as an editor and online manager of a lifestyle magazine here in Mallorca and to be honest, it's taking all my motivation to spend time online. After working a full day, sitting, typing and staring at my laptop I simply don't feel like spending any more time with it than necessary. It's sad and also a shame because I had a fantastic summer (it's not over yet here on the island) with lots of great events and trips! I went to Valencia, Salamanca, New York, Germany and Menorca during the last couple of weeks and had lots of friends and family visiting. We did so much cool stuff together that I simply had no time to go through all these thousands of photos that have accumulated during the past few months. I hope I can get a bit back on track now, however you can always follow me on Instagram where I'm surely more active than here.

Bikini Island and Mountain Hotels Opening

Enough said, today's post is about a wonderful, really wonderful event I got invited to in July. The Bikini Island and Mountain Hotels celebrated its opening of a new fabulous hotel in the beautiful Port de Sóller here in Mallorca. And let me tell you, this hotel is my dream come true! Boho vibes, beach furniture, colorful details, a cozy terrace with splendid views, a hippie pool with a peace sign and last but not least, a huge book shelf filled with coffee table books! You know how much I adore coffee table books...
The opening event was not less fabulous than the bohemian hotel interior. I took my two sisters Nina and Rieke and best friend Mariella to the event and we had such an unforgettable night. A fun and laid-back yet sophisticated crowd, great music, a relaxed atmosphere, food stands and cocktail bars everywhere! For me as a real foodie it was heaven on earth. We tried delicious ceviche, Mallorcan jamon, ridiculously good fried squid, fresh fruit and much more. The food was served with strawberry gin, fresh orange juice, other great drinks and my favorite of the night, a basil lime cocktail. We stayed a couple of hours, chatting, taking photos, indulging in all the tasty food and drinks and even met the German actors Anna Loos and Jan Josef Liefers.
Before we left that night we of course had to take some cool shots in the photo bus at the hotel entrance. Perfectly matching the motto of the party we all wore hippie clothes that went great with the accessories we found in the photo bus. We had such a blast in there, we could have taken millions of pics. Thank you so much for such a fabulous, cool and fun event, Bikini Hotels. We will surely come back, peace!

Bikini Island and Mountain Hotels

Carrer de Migjorn, 2
07108 Port de Sóller
+34 971 631 700

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