Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hello beautiful Colonia Sant Jordi

Hey guys, I guess summer on Mallorca is officially over. Stores and restaurants are closing, the beaches are almost empty and the worst thing... it's raining non-stop! The photos of this post were taken at the beginning of October when it was still hot and beautiful outside. I already miss salty hair and the smell of sun lotion on my skin. I also feel like I couldn't even really enjoy this summer because I was working so much and was so busy with other things that I didn't make it to the beach as often as I wanted. Summer just goes by so fast!

Colonia Sant Jordi

To get us back in the mood a bit I'm posting some of my last summer photos for this year (more summery pics of Menorca are coming soon). My friend Mariella and I went to the beautiful sleepy town of Colonia Sant Jordi in the south of Mallorca to spend a relaxed Saturday there at the beginning of the month. I love that little town, it has a few nice cafés and bars and not too many big hotels. Not to mention the stunning beaches you can find there!
We started our day at Cassai Beach House, a lovely restaurant right by the sea that offers all kinds of food and drinks. We ordered a rosé sangria, super yummy and refreshing! Right next to the beautiful restaurant you will find the Cassai Interior Store that is home to lots of unique furniture, clothes, decór and other little treasures. Later we had a quick sandwich for lunch and went off to the beach. The sandy beach at the end of Colonia Sant Jordi is beautiful but was still a bit too crowded at that time so we started walking towards the beach of Es Trenc and found a nice little spot. Nobody there (except for some nudists here and there), crystal clear shallow water and beautiful natural surroundings. A small piece of heaven that was just perfect for a relaxing break. I mean look at this water, how can one not love Colonia Sant Jordi?

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