Thursday, January 3, 2019

How to spend a Weekend in Vienna

Hello my dear readers, I hope you all had a fantastic start of 2019! I'm back on my island Mallorca now after having spent the holidays with my family in Germany. You know, I always love going home for Christmas, it's so much cozier there than here in Spain. However, I also love coming back to the Mediterranean, the warm climate and the sea just make me a happier person.

2018 has been a year of travelling for me. I've been to seven different countries this past year and have seen lots of different beautiful cities. One of them was Vienna. Austria's capital was never really on my bucket list but one of my best friends lives there and I never got to visit her. So my sister and I went to visit Kim in October. We spent a warm, sunny fall weekend in Vienna with lots of sunshine, laughter and sightseeing. Kim took us all over the city so we got to see many cool places and ate yummy food all the time. 

First Day in Vienna

We mostly spent our first day at the city centre where we explored some cute alleys and admired the Rathaus, National Theatre, the Opera and many more stunning buildings. We had some super tasty ice cream at Eis Greissler and some Mexican food. Vienna is a very pretty, charming city with all its palatial buildings and parks. You see horse carriages, old cafés and well-kept little gardens everywhere. However, the city and its people reminded me a lot of Germany, maybe that's why Vienna didn't surprise me as much as other European capitals I've been to. What I really enjoyed though was seeing the Hundertwasser Haus. I love arty buildings and this was the only place in Vienna that was really on my list of things to see. We went there in the evening of our first day and even though the light wasn't that great you could still admire the beautiful colors of the artist's house. 

Second Day in Vienna

If you're German and a true romantic you most likely watch the Sissi-Trilogy every Christmas. How can you not love Romy Schneider as the heart-warming Elisabeth, Empress of Austria? Well, I'm a big Sissi fan so of course, on our second day Kim had to take us to the Schönbrunn Palace where the Empress lived and reigned back in the days. The palace itself didn't actually impress me too much, I thought it looked very simple from the outside but the park was really beautiful. Also, I have to say we didn't enter any rooms because there were so many tourists waiting in line that Sunday, thus we decided to not do any tour. However, I heard the building is stunning from the inside so you should try to book the palace tour when you're in Vienna. Later that day we had some healthy lunch at Ulrich & Erich and vegan ice cream at Veganista. I tried matcha ice cream for the first time and absolutely loved it! Afterwards Kim took us to the Donaukanal where you find lots of people eating, chatting, working out and relaxing by the river on sunny days. We went for a nice walk and later spent some time at the theatre where my friend Kim works. After a long day of walking and exploring we finished our second day in Vienna with a typical Austrian dinner at the restaurant Rebhuhn.

I hope you guys find these tips helpful and enjoy reading my travel guides. London is coming up next so stay tuned!

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