Friday, March 29, 2019

Vietnam Diary - Phu Quoc Island

Hey everyone, what are your plans for the weekend? I'm gonna be busy renovating with my sister and her boyfriend, they're moving to a new home and need a helping hand. But before we're kicking off the weekend I wanted to publish a new post about our Vietnam trip for you guys. 

Phu Quoc Island 

Today I'm taking you to Phu Quoc Island, the biggest and most touristy island in Vietnam. It's especially popular among Russian tourists and the locals have adapted well to them. At most restaurants or tourist centres you will find menus or information written in Russian. I even heard some locals speak Russian which surprised me a lot. Phu Quoc Island is still quite undeveloped and has its very own charm although being a bit dirty in some places. There are currently huge hotels and resorts being built so I'm happy we visited the island now that it's still more authentic and natural. 

We spent three and a half days there which allowed us to fully enjoy some down time, sunshine and to explore the entire island. We got to the island by ferry from Rach Gia, which was just about two bus hours away from our last stop Can Tho. The trip was pretty quick and easy and we still had time to go for a walk and a great dinner on the day of our arrival. We stayed at a lovely place called Orchid Garden Bungalow (which you can see in the second photo). It was perfectly located, close to the island's popular Long Beach, several shops, restaurants and the island's small airport. 

So the next day we decided to spend the morning at the beach next to our home. Long Beach is a great public, miles long sandy beach with turquoise water, beach bars and sun beds that belong to the adjoining resorts. You can chill there for hours in the shade of the palm trees, take a dip in the warm water or have lunch right by the sea. Even though Long Beach is said to be the most touristy beach of Phu Quoc there is lots of space and only very few people. We stayed at the beach until noon and then went home to rest a bit before heading out again in the afternoon.

Phu Quoc Main Town and Night Market

In the afternoon we rented a scooter from our bungalow and drove up to the island's main town. Once there, we went for a little walk by the coast, visited the Dinh Cau temple and watched some fishermen arrive with their catch of the day. However, the town was a bit too noisy and busy for us so from there we drove even further up the island to Ong Lang Beach. Even though it was a quite touristy beach, it was not as pretty as other beaches on the island. Thus, we only stayed to watch a beautiful sunset by the sea before returning to the main town. We were told to not miss the famous Phu Quoc night market so that's where we spent the rest of the night indulging in all kinds of street food and sweet treats. For dinner we had a spring roll, a Vietnamese hot dog and octopus cheese balls. I loved the night market, there were so many unique distractions. An abundance of fresh seafood, other delicacies, colorful clothes and souvenirs. Before heading home I had bought a nice dress and of course we had also tried the rolled ice cream, so yummy!

I hope you enjoyed this post about our first day on Phu Quoc, more photos and tips are coming soon. I wish you a fabulous weekend to disconnect and refuel!

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