Thursday, April 4, 2019

Vietnam Diary - Phu Quoc Starfish Beach

Hello everyone from paradise island! During our Vietnam trip we spent almost four days on Phu Quoc Island and absolutely loved it. I already told you a bit about this little paradise in my last post. So today you'll get to see some more photos of a heavenly beach on the island we explored on our second day, called Starfish Beach.

How to get to Starfish Beach

Starfish Beach is an 'attraction' I had seen on Instagram when I was looking up places to see and things to do on the island. The beach is famous for its abundance of starfish you will find at the shore. It also looked like a beautiful tropical beach so we really wanted to see it. 

After googling the beach a bit we found out that it was about 40 minutes away from where we stayed so we decided to rent a scooter from our bungalow. It was the first time we would drive a scooter in Vietnam. And it surely wasn't difficult! Driving on Phu Quoc Island is super easy. There are just a few main roads, some smaller side roads and everyone is driving quite carefully and gives you space.
To get to Starfish Beach we had to pass Rach Vem, a very small seaside town. Once there, you'll easily find several signs telling you how to get to Starfish Beach. From the parking where we left our scooter it was only a one-minute walk to the beach. Starfish Beach is a stunning tropical beach with fine white sand, crystal clear water and swaying palm trees that provide shade to relax, take a siesta or read a book. One tip, the further you walk down the beach the less tourists you will see...

Staying at Starfish Beach

We stayed pretty much at the end of the beach where we found a nice spot under the palm trees. There were only very few people so we could fully enjoy the sound of the waves, go for a swim, have an undisturbed lunch and even a short siesta. Furthermore, it was a wonderful experience observing the red starfish in their natural habitat and admiring their beauty far away from the tourist crowds. I have seen many starfish on Mallorca before but those on Phu Quoc Island were bigger and different.

During the last few years the beach has gained popularity, especially among Russian and Chinese tourists. At the beginning of the beach we saw many of them taking photos with the starfish and then immediately leaving which I think is a pity because the beautiful beach has so much more to offer! Also, I was shocked when I saw tourists grab a starfish, take a photo and throw it back in the water. I hate to see people treat nature like this! If you ever find a starfish and would like to take a photo of or with it, please don't touch it but leave it where it is without disturbing it. It's an amazing living creature which can easily be harmed.

Sunset at Ocsen Beach Bar

After a wonderfully relaxing morning by the sea we headed back to the town to have a late lunch and change before watching the sunset at the beach. Ocsen Beach Bar at Long Beach is a fantastic place to grab a bite, enjoy a beer or cocktail, listen to some chill out music and admire the beautiful colors the sun paints when plunging into the ocean. This is how our second full day on Phu Quoc Island ended and I couldn't have imagined a better way!

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