Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is how we do

Good night, New York!

Dear readers, if you ever wondered what my New Yorker party nights usually look like, here's the answer!
Mostly these unforgettable nights start with getting ready for the club with my sister (you know, trying to make the best of my decent looks), after that we're usually heading to either a friend's place or a restaurant (as you can see in this post - girls' dinner at RSVP in the South Village) to get into the mood. Afterwards we're finally starting clubbing, means we never stay at the same venue for the entire night (this time we favored LAVO but there are just too many good clubs in Manhattan, why not check them all out?). So this is basically what our nights out consist of: dinners at fancy restaurants, many cab rides (sometimes even limos or Escalades), a lot of ID showing to bouncers, meeting celebrities, checking out a different club every one or two hours, taking an insane amount of party pictures for my blog - and all this while having the greatest time of our life with our remarkably amazing friends!

Dinner at RSVP

Famous cab rides


  1. New York is such a beautiful place. Can't wait to visit there again. Love your skirt! xx

  2. Darf ich fragen wie du dir deinen Lebensstil finanziertst? Essen in fancy restaurants und clubbing in NY ist ja wohl nicht gerade billig!

    1. Hey, ich bin einfach extrem lucky was mein Leben hier betrifft, heißt...ich muss aufgrund guter Beziehungen für fast gar nichts bezahlen! Wenn du gerne mehr darüber wissen möchtest, hinterlass mir doch gern deine Mailadresse ;)

  3. Looks like you had a major blast! Love the fun photos! I'd love to join your party escapades sometime!

  4. Loved this post, the visuals and the music so cool! Thanks for supporting my blog I am following you now too :)

  5. You are absolutely gorgeous :) I love the skirt and your earings. I am your newest follower (GFC and facebook), hope you can follow me back :)


  6. I love that skirt and those earrings! They are beautiful and you look stunning in them. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. You have a wonderful blog as well. :)

    P.S. New York looks like a spectacular place.



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