Monday, September 10, 2012

Beauty comes in all Shapes Part I

No matter if it's classical, modern, abstract, pop art or minimalism - I absolutely adore all kinds of art, from Van Gogh, Monet and Warhol to extraordinary sculptures and graphics by unknown artists.
This time I explored an adorable part of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that offered so much more than just an enjoyable walk in the neighborhood. Old, wrecked factory buildings marking the area were turned into beautifully sprayed paintings by amazingly talented artists who mostly prefer to work undercover - graffiti artists! What I certainly loved most about my graffiti tour through Brooklyn was the uniqueness of every single creation! I found all kinds of art - statements sprayed on the wall, huge posters as well as small stickers, or paintings and graffitis that covered the entire wall of a building both  in bold and pastel colors. Dear art fans, I hope you admire these pieces of art as much as I did, a second post is coming up! PS: Pay attention to the details!

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