Friday, September 28, 2012

The iconic Metropolis

Some thoughts for the weekend... New York, a city like no other!
It's unbelievable but true - I'm leaving this fabulous place in less than three months (more or less nonvoluntary)! It's been almost two years now... how time flies - two years that I haven't been to my home country Germany (thank God!), two years that I haven't seen my younger sister or grandparents and two years that I haven't woken up in the house I grew up in. I can't tell you how many things have changed...myself included. All sorts of amazing things happened to me in New York City, and if the Big Apple does not stop being so gorgeous I might never be able to leave! But all good things come to an end...
So here is the problem - I most likely have to study in Germany! Should I pay at least 150,000 for an American College or attend a German university that meets the same or even higher standards at nearly no charge? For this reason I am looking for a German city that might be eligible and up to New York City's lifestyle. I know this kind of city is nonexistent (at least not in Germany) but I am still after a place that has the charm of the Upper East Side, the coolness of SoHo, the dirtiness of Chinatown, the bustle of Midtown, the glamorous nightlife of Meatpacking, as well as the craziness of Brooklyn's Williamsburg and the ghetto style of the Bronx. 
A metropolis that offers spectacular views just like from Manhattan's incredibly high rooftops or the ones of the sunsets at Hudson River, where I will turn my head everytime an insanely fashionable person passes by, a city whose citizens couldn't be more diverse (Asian, European, Latin American, Indian, Jewish, Afro-American...) a city that will overrun me, make me desperate and extremely happy at the same time, will let me experience the down moments of life and even more phenomenal times when I can freely live my amazing life.
Any suggestions where on earth I could find all this?

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