Friday, September 7, 2012

Who run the world? Queen B!

There are just a very few women who I consider as absolutely radiant looking - from the inside as from the outside, with and without make-up!  One of them is without doubt the fabulous BeyoncĂ© Knowles who looks dazzling all the time...on vacation, during concerts, at photo shootings or on roadtrips.
Truthfully I never really occupied myself with Queen B - I know all her songs and videos and love them for sure - until I found her fantastic tumblr blog that can be seen as a scrapbook of her life, filled with many great shots of her and her wonderful husband Jay-Z, memories and inspirations. It's such a pleasure to get an insight into all the great things that happen in BeyoncĂ©'s life, she doesn't even shy away from silly poses with her sister or showing her naturally beautiful face without make-up! To me she appears so graceful, creative and powerful... but most notably happy! Sharing private snapshots of her husband and amazingly cute daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, as well as pictures of private trips, concerts and her adorable sister (who I once personally met at a New Yorker club), turns this high-profile woman into an even more charming and enchanting lady. 
I'm sure loads of girls will love her blog as much as I do, so don't wait to check it out (!

Who run the world?

Baby Blue Ivy

All pictures via

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