Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

Wow, 10 days passed since my last post - a new record! I'm sorry for not blogging much lately but I'm sure you can imagine how engaged I was in spending some cozy hours with my family (all reunited after two years) around the Christmas tree, enjoying some delicious dinners and opening wonderful presents. I hope you all spend some wonderful Christmas days with your family as well!
Anyway, since I got my new camera I can't stop taking pictures so I'm going to post a lot more as soon as I find some time to sit down and relax, I promise!
So what has happened in my life lately? Well, after cleaning up and throwing out most of the stuff I collected over the last 22 years (and donating 5 huge bags of clothes), I met up with a lot of friends (remember my best friends Eva and Yasemin who I shared my New Yorker life with?), celebrated Christmas with my crazy family and went to one of my favorite clubs in Germany (and let me tell you this, German clubs are HUGE)... so this is pretty much what I have done lately.
As I mentioned, I will try posting more the next couple days and will also reply to all your comments as I always do! So that's it for today and... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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