Thursday, December 13, 2012

Since I made it there, I can make it anywhere

Overlooking Manhattan for the last time

Goodbye New York! Two years ago I came to the Big Apple from a small town looking for bigger things, exiting a protected phase in my life... and I found the most fantastic place to live in the world! A lover of art, music, fashion and languages I fell hard for the city's crazy diversity and never wanted to leave. I feel like the day was quickly approaching when I had to board the airplane for Germany. I'm not sure if anyone can understand all of the feelings I'm having at this stage. For me this blog has become a resource to tap into for my own memories of experiences, love and laughter I shared with my friends in New York City. I fondly recall the moment I came to Manhattan.
Nevertheless my visa expired and I flew back to Germany two days ago, boohoo - back to my family and friends, back to my home country. Let me tell you, it was one of the hardest moments I ever had to go through in my life, leaving my boyfriend and all the other people I love behind plus leaving the most marvelous city on earth! Now that I am back I feel like a stranger - an adventurous, outgoing, curious, thrill-seeking young girl misplaced in a quiet, harmonic village where shops close at 8pm and the Chief of Police knows everyone by name. However, I will hopefully move to Berlin soon and also keep posting pictures of New York. Adjusting was only simplified by my wonderful sisters and my best friend Yasemin who spent more than one and a half years with me in New York. I'm pretty sure though that my "new life" will get back to normal soon and be as exciting as it was in the Big Apple - so stay tuned!

Winter Wonderland Germany


  1. Oh neiiiin ... ich kenn das Gefühl, wenn man auf einmal wieder zuhause ist, und alles fühlt sich so komisch an ... aber irgendwann wird es zu dem Gefühl, dass das eine nunmal das Zuhause ist, mit all seinen Möglichkeiten oder auch Beschränkungen ;o) Ich bin schon gespannt, was als nächstes bei dir kommt! xx

  2. This made me so sad! I can only imagine how you feel!! I've always wanted to go to New York, and I don't think I would ever be able to leave that place.. At least not without having my heart broken!
    For me, since I come from a small town in Croatia, Germany was my NY. :) I've wanted to live in Frankfurt because it reminded me of New York and was really charming.. And I did, for 6 months, I was an au pair there.. I fell in love with the city with all my heart and I regret so much that I left there! Not a day goes by that I don't think about it..
    So in a way, I understand your sadness and I hope you find the joy and happinness in your home town as well.. Can't wait for your new posts! :)

  3. Es ist so traurig aus NY weg zu müssen aber ich bin mir sicher, dass viele tolle Dinge und Erlebnisse hier auf dich warten <3


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