Monday, December 31, 2012

What we dream is all that matters - Happy New Year

My lovely readers, the end of the year has come... an exciting, marvelous year which had its happy and disturbing moments, ups and downs, and brought some fantastic people to my life!
I can't even tell you how many incredible things I experienced over the last 12 months. I've been to Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Orlando, I lived in New York City until three weeks ago, I met more celebrities, more important and wonderful people who will always stay in my heart, and finally celebrated the longed for reunion with my beloved family.
In retrospect, it was an unbelievable year (I really can't believe what I have experienced and gone through with my 22 years), a year I will never forget and forever cherish.
You may ask yourself if I have any New Year's resolutions... and of course, as a hopeless perfectionist I do have a few! So here we go:
1. Laugh and love as much as before - surround myself with people who I love and vice versa, plus people who make me laugh and happy (just like the ones you see in these pictures)
2. Learn more and something new (maybe improve my Russian or Spanish?)
3. Definitely work out more (huge candy fan here, boohoo)
4. Travel a lot (seeing so many fantastic cities - and lifestyles - in the USA was simply amazing, so let's keep doing it)
5. Engage in an organisation that really does move something in the world (being an Amnesty International member for three years is a good start)
6. Stop being such a self-critical perfectionist (it's just way too exhausting trying to be perfect and doing everything right all the time) but instead enjoy life as it comes
7. Make the most of my life as I always did without giving up even during the hardest times!
Can't promise I'm gonna keep these resolutions in mind all year long, but I hope I can realize some of them!

For now, get ready ladies (and dudes), put your heels on, fetch a bottle of champagne and have a blast - Happy New Year!

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