Thursday, July 11, 2013

This is a Must See

This post is dedicated to all the fashion-loving globetrotters out there, well, and all the Mallorca tourists. Guys, I have never been to India or Morocco myself (surely wanna go there one day) to see all the colorful markets over there - you know, these wonderful fairs with all the spices and extraordinary clothes and dishes that you see in National Geographic. But let me tell you, Pollença's Sunday market is damn close to it!
I have had a marvelous time checking out all the vendors' unique treasures when strolling through the town of Pollença with my aunt. Two hours and 500 thousand pictures later I eventually left the photographer's paradise - too many beautiful things to capture: bracelets, dresses, scarfs, vases, candy, fruits, toys, all kinds of food! It's definitely worth checking out this market when you're on Mallorca, it's open every Sunday until 2pm. Make sure to plunge into this colorful world!

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