Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In this fleeting Moment

Dear readers, Mallorca's beaches couldn't be more diverse - wherever you go you find a different landscape, all kinds of people and activities to do.
The beach you could see in my last post was clearly a tourist hot spot, including umbrellas, cocktails and sunburnt British kids. You could walk approximately 2 kilometers out with the water still being up to your knees - for the cozy bathtub feeling! I have been to about eight different beaches and coves during my vacation on Mallorca and they all provided me with stunningly clear water, white sand and perfect scuba diving possibilites.
However, I do prefer the non-tourist beaches because I love feeling like an adventurer when I discover new places, and you simply don't get that feeling when you're surrounded by German party animals wearing lovely straw hats and British sun worshippers relaxing on air mattresses.
I was very fortunate to make some real Mallorquin friends who took us to all kinds of beautiful hidden spots such as the Platja de Coll Baix, and the marvelous beaches of Formentor or Torrente de Pareis. One day we were even wading through the water, with the bags on our heads, to get to a lonely island (you will get to see some amazing pictures, I promise) - I felt like a refugee escaping some rebels but the adventure was definitely worth the sea urchin's spikes stuck in my foot. Next time I'll join Indiana Jones to go treasure hunting with him! 
For now dive in and enjoy these pictures of Formentor, besos!

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