Monday, July 29, 2013

Picasso Baby

Hey fellas, today's post is of a very different kind as you will notice. You know I'm always tyring my best to make my blog look as interesting as I can and since I am a very versatile person it comes naturally to me to try a lot of new things such as different kinds of photography or art and fashion - whatever it is that attracts my attention.
After living in New York City for over two years, art is certainly one of my favorite hobbies, no matter if I'm the artist or the admirer. You can find loads of posts on my blog about museums I visited in Manhattan, about art festivals I attended and drawings I did myself (make sure to check out my favorite art festival in Brooklyn by clicking here ). I still didn't post about the famous SCOPE exhibition I attended in March when I was in New York, I promise I'm gonna show you some crazy art pieces you've never seen before!
Today you can check out two of my own drawings/paintings.
The first one is dedicated to a good friend from the States. He is in love with Tarantino movies, his favorite basketball team is the Brooklyn Nets and he is uhm, let's say proud to be an American! Since I adore graffitis I threw my own ideas in there and this is the outcome - a colorful explosion of random objects I put together.
The second painting is a result of my imagination running riot, an abstract version of the New York City skyline. You can clearly tell I'm not a big fan of of black and gray!
I can totally imagine myself standing in my (future) own studio all day, my hair up in a bun, in one of my loose-fitting button-down shirts, just painting all day and getting lost in the flow of colors.
Oh dear, what a great idea... but maybe I should start studying first and earn some money before allowing my hobbies to become my job. Enjoy the pictures!

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