Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pirates gone wild - Patrona Part I

So there are a few festivals you have to see once in your lifetime just like the original Holi Festival in India or the Festival of Lights in Thailand. One of them is definitely the Patrona de Pollença on Mallorca!
Why? First of all it's in August, one of the hottest months in Spain, and therefore a great vacation opportunity. Second, there is a whole bunch of hot-looking guys on the streets, and when I say "a bunch" I mean thousands of handsome men of all ages, either painted like terrific pirates or innocently dressed in white.
The Patrona is one of Mallorca's most popular and most traditional Festivals, and commemorates an ancient battle between the Moors (baddies) and the Christians (goodies). It's a week-long celebration that includes a white party on Pollença's plaza, loads of fabulous concerts, marching bands and an exclusive display of fireworks at the end of the battle.
I had such a blast getting carried around by pirates, almost drowning in the crowd, taking pictures of all the beautiful costumes and face paintings (photographer's paradise) and finally watching the fireworks after an insane week full of crazy events and warm-hearted people. Even some of my best Mallorquin friends fought in the battle with real rifles and long wooden sticks, it was pretty scary at times!
I hope you enjoy the snapshots (this is only part one of the Patrona photo series), even though I know the overwhelming impressions of this festival were even more exciting than these photos - long live Pollença!


  1. LOVE love all your photos of these sweet pirates and especially your expressions (that's you, right?) I love how much you're enjoying it all and just drinking in the fun!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Wow! Das muss eine hammer tolle Erfahrung gewesen sein! Die Bilder sehen toll aus! Sowas ist in Deutschland einfach undenkbar, weil 80 % der Menschen nicht mitmachen würden....leider.

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  4. this are some beautiful pictures, congratulations! and I really like your look!
    I'll be waiting for me, new post

    Like a clown

  5. OMG I cant waaaait to go to Spain - running with the bulls, Tomatotina, and now this festival. Amazing.
    Lovely photo's as usual!!

  6. Amazing blog! I love this pictures!:)

  7. thanks for visiting my blog! your life seems awesome, definitely following :)


  8. whoa! that is crazy, but awesome at the same time. x

  9. wow your blog is amazing! :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  10. Wow amazing photos and travel log! I will definitely keep this awesome-sounding festival in mind, especially because of the hot guys hehe :P You're so lucky to be able to travel to Europe, I'm counting to the day when I can first go over there! Until then, I'll be waiting for my trip to Asia this upcoming spring or summer for my next big vacation!

    xx Debbie

  11. Danke für deinen lieben Kommi. Wow, das sind geniale Bilder <3 Bin übrigens schon lange Leserin von dir :)
    Viel Spaß bei deinem Umzug in die Nähe von HH. Habe auch schon überlegt nach HH zu ziehen, aber ich würde noch(!) zu viel hier aufgeben.


    Minnja Blog
    Minnja Facebook


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