Thursday, September 19, 2013

Urban Outfitters, always awesome

I spend more money on traveling than on clothes... that's a fact. However, I do love indulging in endless shopping sprees once in a while, especially when it comes to my favorite stores like Victoria's Secret or Urban Outfitters!
Even though I was always obsessed with fashion since I was 14, my interests clearly changed in the course of time. However, fashion still is a big part of my life and that's why you get to see some pics of one of my favorite stores today.
You all most likely know and love the fabulous Urban Outfitters clothes and accessories. What I adore most about their fashion is the grunge look, the edgy twist you can find in any UO outfit. Anytime I enter their stores I'm amazed by the stylists' work, they put together such fabulous outfits that I'd personally never come up with. I do own similar pieces but would never get that special kind of combination of clothes at home. Another reason why I love shopping at Urban Outfitters - the inspiration is always awaiting you (here shot in the Boston store and in SoHo, Manhattan). Enjoy!
PS: This is not my first post about the fabulous fashion of UO - check out the others by clicking here.


  1. Love the stores concept. Always finding something nice there

  2. Love this outfits! :)


  3. ah i haven't been to UO in a while, love browsing their sales rack.


  4. yeah i love urban outfitters, they just have amazing stuff!!

    I Should Blog

  5. Nice outfits!You have a great blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know and I will follow you right back!

  6. quante belle cosine (: Reb, xoxo.

    * Sul mio blog c'รจ un post riassuntivo dell'Estate, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:


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