Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh, those Boots!

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure you were wondering if I got lost during one of my numerous voyages through Europe, but you can relax - I was just incredibly occupied with moving to my new apartment and getting into university mood.
It was my first week and I'm lucky to say that I love it so far! The profs are super laid-back and cool, so are my fellow students, and the classes sound amazing - I mean who wouldn't love 3D animation, photography and journalism? Plus, during this week I have already learned more about IT than I can handle, haha!
I just got back to my parents' house to pick up some stuff I left there when I lived in New York, so I finally have internet access to keep blogging. Can you imagine that I survived an entire week without having internet at my new place?
Thank God I prepared some posts in advance, thus today you get to see a few pics of my lovely friend Kim and me, she took me to a pretty nice beach bar in Münster - I'm sure some of my German readers know this beautiful city. After the bar we headed to a harbor festival and even though it was freezing that day (or I'm just always really cold) we enjoyed the tropical cocktails and soaking up some sun while checking out the concert by local bands. I loved Kim's outfit that day (oh, those boots!) so I just had to post about it, enjoy!


  1. Wundervolle Bilder. Die Schuhe von Kim gefalle mir auch total gut!

    Liebe Grüße Kristina

  2. you and your friend are gorgeous!
    great outfit
    good luck with uni

  3. Stunning pictures, adore those boots :)) xx

  4. loving these photos!! so so pretty

    xo Jessica

  5. You two look so gorgeous and stylish! Not to mention relaxed in that amazing looking weather and scenery, so jealous :P And your friend's boots look like Chloe's boots, so incredible! I just bought black booties with gold metal detailing myself the other day and I'm so in love with them :)

    xx Debbie

  6. Total schöne Bilder, ich mag die Booties!!

  7. Awesome photos!

  8. Liebe Laura, das klingt ja alles super! Ich freu mich für Dich, dass sich das mit Deinem Studium so gut anlässt und ja, die Schwerpunkte Deines Studiums, die sind natürlich nicht zu toppen!

    Obwohl, vielleicht doch, nämlich von Deinem Outfit mit den Nietenschuhen, denn das finde ich nämlich inklusive der Schuhe genial! Ich habe ähnlich Schuhe, aber ich seh schon, da kann ich in Bezug auf das Styling viel von Dir lernen :)

    Wir hatten, als wir in unser Haus eingezogen sind ungefähr 10 Wochen kein Internet ... nun, ich lebe ja noch ;)

    Wünsch Dir von Herzen weiterhin so viel Freude - und natürlich viel Erfolg!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. hi laura!glad to hear you are having a terrific time at University!!!make the most of it!!!
    I went to Münster 5 years ago and I really liked that city!
    kisses and take care

  10. Du siehst immer so toll aus :) bist du Model oder so???? Kannst ja damit anfangen :D

  11. cute photos! you look very lovely!


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