Wednesday, January 15, 2014

El Día de los Muertos

My lovely readers, no matter how busy I am lately, I promised to show you some more exciting spots in and around New York City again. I still got loads of photos left that I shot while I lived in the Big Apple. I kept my promise, today you get to see another post about things to do in the most fabulous city on Earth!
If you are one of my long-time readers you might have noticed that I'm a big Brooklyn fan, more specifically - I lost my heart in Williamsburg!
I absolutely adore all the tiny unique shops on the North Side. If you click the "Williamsburg" tag under this post you can admire a few of the many fabulous places that I have been to in Brooklyn's most exciting neighborhood. Dining on Surfboards, in jungle-like restaurants, shopping at night bazaars around 1 am, or feeling the vibes of a hipster meet & greet on the famous Sunday flea - everything is possible in Williamsburg! 
It's hard to choose from all these fabulous restaurants and shops because every single one has such a distinct style. So today you get to see one of my very favorite stores, a place where I have spent A LOT of time admiring all the tiny treasures it's hiding - FUEGO 718.
Anytime you come to the store on Grand Street you are privileged to enjoy an amazing collection of tin mirrors, extraordinary El Día de los Muertos figurines, exquisite hand made jewelry, lovely books and breathtaking paintings - a paradise of colorful handmade wares! You can surely imagine that my art-loving heart beats much faster when spending time there ;-)

If you ever get the chance to visit Williamsburg, make sure to swing by!

Note: All photos taken by me (as always) with the shop owner's consent.

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