Saturday, January 18, 2014

A New Yorker Moment Part III

THIS, my lovely readers, is one of my favorite New Yorker shots ever! 
I took the photo you see above in March 2013 on the Roosevelt Island Tram hovering above the city. I was so overwhelmed with the peace in this photo when I took it. How calm and concentrated the little kid's staring out of the window - admiring the huge world in front of his eyes. When he caught me taking a photo of him he was confused at first but then smiling at me... Gosh, you should have seen this adorable smile!
I adore taking photos of people in and around Manhattan, you get to see the craziest things in New York. People running around with bats is a good example. This is part three of my "New Yorker Moment"-series, hope you enjoy it!

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