Saturday, January 18, 2014

A New Yorker Moment Part III

THIS, my lovely readers, is one of my favorite New Yorker shots ever! 
I took the photo you see above in March 2013 on the Roosevelt Island Tram hovering above the city. I was so overwhelmed with the peace in this photo when I took it. How calm and concentrated the little kid's staring out of the window - admiring the huge world in front of his eyes. When he caught me taking a photo of him he was confused at first but then smiling at me... Gosh, you should have seen this adorable smile!
I adore taking photos of people in and around Manhattan, you get to see the craziest things in New York. People running around with bats is a good example. This is part three of my "New Yorker Moment"-series, hope you enjoy it!


  1. I want visit New York! Lovely pics


  2. Perfect NYC pictures! Lovely emotions <3


  3. That is a great picture! I love his expression with the city in the background!

  4. I love the first picture as well. Such a beautiful shot you were able to capture. He looks so calm and there's so much innocence in him, which is refreshing. Love this NY photo series you're doing! You're really capturing the energy and character of the city : )



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