Thursday, January 30, 2014

Craziness in its Perfection Part I

Dear readers, today's post is all about fashion! As you know, my blog covers lots of different topics - traveling, photography, art, New York City and FASHION!
So here we go, this is the first of my two-part photo series about one of my very favorite stores on that fabulous island called Manhattan, are ya ready?
Patricia Field is surely one of the greatest stylists and most inspiring women I've ever met! I had the chance to hear her amazingly entertaining and wise stories about fashion, business and life at the Hilton hotel in Manhattan about two years ago (check out the post by clicking here)! Thus I can tell by experience that she is an incredibly warm-hearted, open-minded and most of all very unique personality, one's gotta love her!
Since I moved back to Germany I always missed checking out her latest collections in her shop on Bowery which perfectly embodies the New Yorker lady's glamour. Anytime you enter her store you feel like somebody kicked you out of town and into fashion heaven! Looking for ultra glam wigs, sparkling statement necklaces or visionary, bold outfits?
A mix of circus, Sex and the City runway, photographer's paradise and art gallery - craziness in its perfection... Welcome to Pat Field's treasury!

Note: All photos taken by me with the staff's consent.

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