Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Below the Surface

Hola todos! Today's post is a very special one as you might have noticed... you get to see some of my first underwater pictures, woohoo!
My boyfriend and I had a blast shooting underwater with his GoPro Hero 3 in Cala Torta, a breathtaking beach with crystal clear water. It's actually pretty hard to strike a pose below the surface, plus you gotta breath, haha! I simply love swimming and diving, I have always had a crush on dolphins and orcas, so it's not a big surprise that I'm a huge fan of underwater photography.
This time we went to Cala Torta, which is one of my new favorite beaches on Mallorca. It's hidden in the mountains, there are no hotels or restaurants close, so it's not that touristy. You know I try to avoid tourists whenever I can, lucky me, my boyfriend knows all the secret spots on Mallorca, haha!
Cala Torta is absolutely beautiful, the water is sheer incredible and so clear that it's perfect for shooting underwater. The ground is very diverse, you can see the white sand, beautifully shaped rocks and many fishes! Unfortunately, I also got stung by a jellyfish, ouch! However, this is the second time already and doesn't distract me from exploring the underwater world. Whenever it's hot out you'll find me at the beach swimming or snorkeling and Mallorca is just the perfect place to live my passion!


  1. I love water activities so much! I love diving!!!!

  2. great pic! omg that's so cool, i wish i can make an underwater photographs, too, someday :)

    Janice Dirga

  3. stunning photos! I'd love to take images underwater. hope you're havin a great time, which I can see you are haha! :)
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    lots of love. Xxxxx

  4. Was für wundervolle Bilder!!! Ich will auch wieder Sommer haben!!! :´(

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  5. Amazing pictures!
    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, du hast total Recht, Basteln entspannt wirklich ;-).

    Liebe Grüße, Rona von threepinkcats

  6. Tolle Bilder! Das sieht ja echt traumhaft aus :)
    Liebe Grüße, Tina

  7. Ohh i love the photos! I wish i could go diving :)

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  8. Ahh these underwater photos are sooo cool! GoPros are so fun to use :)

  9. WOW! These shots are stunning, and it looks so magical, I love the ocean, and sea, and all the life going on there, it is almost a secret. Great shots!

  10. You're amazing dear!

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  11. An amazing place!!

  12. Great post
    love your blog!!
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  13. Nice!!!



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