Friday, August 1, 2014

Blue Sky, Blue Sea

Hey guys, are you all having a fantastic summer so far? Today you get to see some photos of my first day on Mallorca. I came back to my favorite island about a week ago and had a wonderful time so far, how could it be different? ;-)
We went to the Cap de Formentor, the most northern point of Mallorca where you can find a romantic lighthouse with a even more beautiful café which I can totally recommend! The views from there are just stunning, you see nothing but the blue sky and the deep blue sea. So whenever you're around, make sure to stop by!
On our way back we stopped at Cala Figuera to cool down a little. Let me tell you this, Mallorca is always amazing me again and again. The water in this Cala is sheer incredible, it's super bonito! A perfect diving place thanks to its crystal clear water. Plus, it's so far away from all the touristic spots, you feel like swimming in your private pool.
Hope you enjoy the first of many summer posts ;-)

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