Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chill out at Royal Beach

Hey guys, don't you think summer is running way too fast? I feel like the end of my favorite season is getting closer and closer, I don't even wanna think about heading back to Germany and university, haha!
Today you get to see some photos taken at one of my favorite beach bars on Mallorca - Royal Beach! Yes, once in a while you'll get surprised by clouds on my beloved Balearic island as well, so there's nothing better than visiting your favorite bars on these days. Usually it's super hot on Mallorca during summer, so you'll always find me by the beach, in the ocean or on a boat - anywhere close to water! However, I also love indulging in a yummy frappuccino once in a while when it's cloudy, so here we go! Royal Beach is a modern, stylish and super relaxing bar/restaurant in Playa de Muro, close to Alcúdia, where I live during my Mallorca trips. The paradisical bar is right on the beach and doesn't only provide you with delicious food and drinks but also refreshing and super yummy cocktails. 
I decided to wear my what I call Ibiza outfit because the white cotton pants are super comfy and chic at the same time. My mom got them for me in France a couple years ago and they are just perfect for relaxing spots, two years ago I wore them in Miami. I combined the pants with a simple strapless top and a statement necklace with I recently bought at Bijou Brigitte in Germany, they have some great jewelry. I also wore my new coral sandals which I got a week ago on Mallorca, they are just perfect for summer! 
I'm super happy that my friend Eva from Austria came to visit me and my sister on Mallorca! Eva lived in New York City with me and I haven't seen her for one and a half years now. She will also accompany us to NYC, we're actually leaving tomorrow, it's a fabulous reunion!
Guys, I gotta get up at 2am to pack my last stuff, my flight goes at 7am, from Düsseldorf to NYC via London. I just got back  from Mallorca to Germany yesterday, so I'm pretty done, haha. Traveling surely is stressful, but also super exciting! 
I still have loads of cool Mallorca photos left that I couldn't post yet cause I constantly went on adventures while I was on the island. I'll post them the next few days/weeks and then show you some photos of the trip to my beloved second home - New York City - so stay tuned ;-)

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