Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year's Eve Outfit

Hey guys, I guess you're all home by now enjoying the time with your families to the fullest. I just got to my home town last night and I'm already super relaxed! Drinking hot wine and chatting with my mommy, watching TV shows with my sisters or cooking with my dad - family time is simply wonderful, especially around Christmas! 
Today's post is an outfit post again, this time you get to see a glam New Year's Eve outfit. I'm not sure yet what I'm gonna wear on NYE cause I bought this awesome fake fur jacket à la Cruella De Vil two days ago, so I might just wear that one with a pretty dress or so. Anyway, I put this outfit together for you, so you get some inspiration - what to wear on New Year's Eve?
I like the combo of the "all black everything" look with gold and red lips, it's kinda cool and elegant at once. The leather skirt makes the body with the low-cut back look a little more dressy, just like the black ankle boots with the golden detail. I put on a bold golden necklace and red lipstick to add a little glamour. I think it's a pretty comfy and chic outfit, plus it keeps you a little warmer than just a short dress ;-)
Hope you like the outfit and have some marvelous Christmas days with your family!
Lots of kisses from Germany and Merry Christmas, xoxo

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