Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The perfect Sunset

Hey guys, this will be my last Mallorca post of the year. I'm back in Germany by now and it's freezing which actually makes me realize that Christmas is just around the corner. Since I'm constantly traveling back and forth between Germany and Mallorca I got kinda lost with the seasons. While I was on Mallorca it was so hot that I could run around in shorts. Here in Germany the winter coat is a must! So what am I doing the last couple weeks before heading home to see my family for Christmas? I'm pretty occupied with my studies, we are about to shoot our first short film which requires so much organization! In addition to that I'm preparing a presentation about financing models for blogs! Yea, you heard it, I need your help, if you have any tips or can recommend great websites regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment with the link or your advice ;-)

About today's post: These pics were taken at the Botel Alcudiamar which is surrounded by the water of Port d'Alcúdia's bay and provides you with terrific views. It's a small but very charming hotel located in Alcúdia's harbor and the best thing about it is the amazing infinity pool! Since it's an almost abandoned place by now, you can take wonderful sunset photos there, which my sister and I did. I just love the tropical vibes of this place. Enjoy the pics and happy December! ;-)

PS: Interested in staying at this wonderful place - Check out the hotel's website by clicking here.

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