Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cuba Diary - Seeing Pink in Varadero

"Cuba is a little dirty, loud but also beautiful and kinda romantic. After traveling the island for two weeks we are pretty exhausted by now but everything is very exciting. I miss the German food though!"
Those were more or less the words I wrote to my mom when sitting down to write postcards during our last week on Cuba (I hope they will arrive some day). So many impressions, feelings, experiences - mostly good ones and just a few bad ones too (no running water and food poisoning).
Maybe I'm a little more German than I want to admit ;-) I'm used to German comfort, service, hygiene and great food! It was pretty hard for me traveling for three weeks not knowing where we're gonna spend the night, literally searching for food, living with food poisoning but without medical service and questionable hygienic standards. 
I must say though, we were extremely lucky, we always lived in clean, comfortable houses owned by very friendly Cubans, got to see a lot of different places including stunning beaches, and almost always found yummy food somewhere, even if it was just some salad or fruit and bread.
On top of all that, the relationship with my boyfriend became more intense and now we are closer than ever before. I gotta mention that we have a long distance relationship for almost two years now so it was new for us to live 24/7 together and just have each other and no one else. When I live with him on Mallorca or he comes to Germany we also live 24/7 together but we are not together all the time like on Cuba because one is working or studying or whatever. So it was a totally new experience for us and except for one minor fight (caused by my burn out, haha) we had a fantastic time together and feel closer than ever. You can't imagine how hard it was to seperate again and go back to Germany and university after our Cuba trip, but fortunately I'm heading back to Mallorca next Monday to stay with my boyfriend for ten days, woohoo!

So like in the last two posts, today's photos were taken in Varadero, probably one of Cuba's cleanest places, at least your feet are not dusty and filthy when you come home, haha. Our last few days were the most relaxing and recreational days of our trip - the last week I really did feel like I'm on vacation! We had a pretty apartment in Varadero for four nights, almost five days without packing and traveling! Just going to the beach, shopping on the local food market, having normal dinner (mmh yummy criollo food!) and just chilling at "home"! That day we took a wonderfully relaxing walk at the beach catching the sunset. We had such a great time together just walking, chatting, taking some pics and cuddling. 

Here I wanna thank my boyfriend for taking me to Cuba! It was his idea (I wanted Bali!) because he wanted to see the authentic Cuba before it opens up and gets modified by invading tourists, haha. It was a great decision to take me here, I loved every single day of our vacation, with all ups and downs, and wouldn't have done anything differently. Thank you for this trip, marmota, I'm incredibly lucky to have you as a boyfriend and share my life with you! Te quiero con todo mi corazón <3

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