Monday, September 12, 2011

We will never forget

I can't really describe how emotional and touching this day was for me... Yesterday Yasemin and I went to Lower Manhattan to pay tribute to all the victims who died on 9-11. After visiting a photo exhibiton about this very special day at the International Center of Photography in Midtown, I could barely talk. I never would have thought that the pain people felt on that day would hit me so hardly. Since I wasn't in New York City on that day I always felt like it never concerned me personally - until yesterday. I was shocked about how empty and silent the city was. Never have I seen Manhattan like this! Yasemin and I went to Battery Park where they set up more than 2000 flags - one flag for one life. It was one of the most impressing things I've seen so far in the city - to actually see the amount of the innocent people who died was simply incredible. Seeing the 'Tribute in Light' was also a very moving moment - you just can't imagine two huge towers standing there in Lower Manhattan unless you've actually seen them. All in all it was a very hard, touching and sad day for me - but it was also very important for me because it helped me a lot to understand the feelings of the survivors, families who lost their members and all the New York citizens who experienced the pain on that day. I can't express the compassion I feel for all of you and how much I admire your power!

Battery Park

Ground Zero today

Tribute in Light

The Freedom Tower

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