Friday, August 17, 2012

From Columbus to Lincoln

After providing you with a detailed insight into my beauty routine before clubbing in the last post, I think I deserve a little break from writing, so all you get to see today are some pictures of a sunny day I spent in Midtown with my wonderful sister. Hope you enjoy these shots of  the Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center!


  1. Mal wieder super tolle Fotos und ein schöner Post aus New York :) Wie lange hast du noch vor in New York zu bleiben und wie lange lebst du jetzt schon dort? :)

    Liebe Grüße xx

  2. Hi girl!!!
    I love this pics!! Its beautiful Columbus Circle & Lincoln Center.
    By the way, you take really good pics. I love the one with the traffic light & the baggels, ummmm, hehehe ;)

  3. Hello girl!!!
    How is it going?
    I invite you to visit my blog because I've mentioned yours:)

    Kisses from Spain!


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