Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And everyday I will bite this delicious Apple that we call Life

Today's post ist about my day in paradise - I seriously do need more of these days! Relaxing at the incredibly beautiful Nikki Beach in Miami with my sister and friends is a true pleasure - enjoying the crystal clear, warm ocean and chilling under palm trees far away from the city, stress and any kinds of trouble - this is what I call a truly wonderful vacation!


  1. Ich kann es immer wieder nur betonen: Tip Top Figur! Der Neid frisst mich grade auf und mein Gewissen leidet da es eben Schoki gab :D

  2. This is such a nice place! How I would love to go to Miami! Great post, take care :)
    Elyse xo

  3. I LOVE MIAMI!! And your pictures are really nice and funny!! Enjoy Miami Laura!!!

    I am following you now!!!

  4. You can follow me by Facebook!! :)


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